We seek to work with researchers to help them make their research more accessible and relevant to practitioners. We also provide training on how to build and implement knowledge mobilization plans.

As part of RIPPLE's program of research, we offer training both to researchers and users of research evidence, and we share the results of our research through various knowledge mobilization (KMb) resources.

​A Guidebook of Research Impact Resources

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​Taxonomy of Indicators

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​Educational organizations that are bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners are key to improving KMb across sectors.  We strive to learn more about these efforts, and how we can figure out what mechanisms are most effective with different target audiences.  



​We believe first and foremost in how capable and committed teachers and educational leaders are to their schools and communities.  We want to help educators better be able to find, assess, share, and apply research in practice settings in order to solve the challenges they are facing on a daily basis. 


​We want to build relationships with policymakers so that we can better understand their needs in relation to knowledge mobilization and research.