Exploring KMb efforts across the system, including efforts by researchers to disseminate their work more widely, KMb happening within policy and practice contexts, as well as investigating the role intermediaries play in KMb processes.

system alignment

Establishing relationships across research producers, users, and intermediaries.

supports & Resources

empirical studies

Attempting where possible to align with provincial, national, and international KMb efforts in order to leverage existing momentum and resources to maximize impact.

​​​​​​​RIPPLE is a program of research and related activities aimed at learning more about how to improve linkages between research, policy, and practice.  We use the term Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) to encapsulate the efforts of influencing empirical knowledge, program delivery, government policy and educational practice. Usually the program focuses on increasing research use in education, but sometimes projects extend to other public service sectors such as health and child welfare.

RIPPLE's program of research includes four interrelated components: 1) conducting empirical studies on KMb; 2) building partnerships between research, policy, and practice; creating supports and resources for KMb practitioners, and; 4) system alignment.



Providing KMb supports, resources, and activities such as tools to increase research literacy among teachers so that they can better find, assess, share, and apply research.