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Mobilizing research to improve education

Research Producers

A cross-case analysis of 44 Research Brokering Organizations in Ontario


This study explored 44 research brokering organizations across Canada.

Research Design

This study used website analysis, and a tool to measure KMb efforts to map the research brokering landscape in education in Ontario.


This study contributes: a typology of brokering organizations, 8 brokering functions, and a paper comparing KMb efforts across four types of organizations.


The brokering functions can be used by organizations and researchers to plan their research brokering efforts.


Journal Articles

Cooper, A. (2016). A tool to assess and compare knowledge mobilization efforts of faculties of education, intermediary organizations, ministries of education and school districts. Brock Education Letter, 25(1), 1-18. *While traditionally this journal is not peer-reviewed; this special issue was peer reviewed.

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Executive Summary